The List

Hexo Resources

Why Hexo?

Modern Static Website Generators Next Big Thing - Smashingmagazine
Static Site Generators: The Definitive List
Migration From WordPress to Hexo Site Generator
Hexo Admim Page Pligin Author Testamonial, Jared Forsyth: it does’t get any more real than that ;-)
Why Hexo?, Doug Bromley Dev Blog
Using Hexo For Static Websites, Eric M Barnard

Links For Getting Up To Speed With Hexo

Using Hexo Data Files
Raxi Shaban Tutorial
Official Hexo Documentaion
Christopher Martin Tutorial
Michael Arnel Tutorial

Links for Markdown

Official Source
Adam Pritchard’s Markdown Cheatsheet
Mastering Markdown Cheatsheet

Atom | Linux-Windows-iOS |
Remarkable -stand-alone | Linux and Windows
StackEdit -web-based, favorite

Markdown for R and RStudio: Where the Real Fun Begins!
CoffeeScript - javaScript simplified
Strapdown - Markdown meets bootstrap
Artur Adib’s Coffeescripted Strapdown on GitHub

Links into the Wild Blue Yonner…

Conveyal: Transportation-Land Use Analysis
Conveyal: GitHub Presence and Code

Google Fusion Tables Integration Use Case - Bike Racks in Fort Lauderdale
One Dollar Large Lots Project
OpenPlans Legacy Code
TedCith 2.0
One Laptop Per Child Project
One Laptop Per Child Map
Knight Lab Projects
Four Maps Help Tell Story Of Race In America
StoryMap JS
Property Praxis Tool
Proerty Praxis Entre
Chicago Lots

Data Munging and Coding Tools (Tabular and Spatial and Nutz)

Google Charts
Google Fusion Tables
Fusion Table Map Template by Derek Edder
CSV-to-HTML by Derek Edder
Babel JS Compiler
Flow Type Checker
Data Visualization Archive - RIP

JSON Tools - spatial data, import-export, view
JSON to HTML Table by Afshin Mehrabani
JSON Editor Online
JSON and XML Editor
JSON Viewer - Code Beautify
jQuery JSON to Table by Jong-Ha Ahn

Tree Tools

Tree Fun

JS Libraries

D3 Plus
Vue JS
React JS
EMBER Tables, Charts, and Widgets

Tools for Soon Project(s)

Tufte CSS
Leaflet Animated Marker
JSON to HTML Table by Afshin Mehrabani
CSV-to-HTML by Derek Edder - spatial data, import-export, view
Google Fusion Tables Integration Use Case - Bike Racks in Fort Lauderdale

Humor of Another Sort

The Throbblefoot Aquarium
The Kind of Friend Jesus Would Have
How To Fix Any Computer
Hackpad: For The Lesser Inspired
Citizen On Board
U.S. City Open Data Census
Hckery, Math, and Design


DashingD3 JS
Flowing Data Data Visualization Fundementals
Visualizing Data
CARTO- Learning Data Visualization
Edward Tufte - Books

Essential WebPublications

People’s History of the United States
The Never-Ending Wrong
The Cathedral and the Bazar
The War Prayer